Bohemijos Garbanotas Plaukų Nėrimo YxCheris 14inch Ombre Sintetinių Pynimo Plaukų priauginimas Nėrimo Apsiuvai

Yra sandėlyje
€3.97 €5.23

Žymos: violetinė crochets apsiuvai, cleaner šlapias, hair curler, nėrimo nerijos dėžės, nėrimo nerijos plaukų pynė, v pynė, Nerijos, nerijos nėrimo, nerijos kablys, afro curl.


  • Medžiagos Klasė: Aukštos Temperatūros Pluošto
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: cherishair
  • Spalva Tipas: Gryna Spalva
  • Elementų Pakuotėje: 20strands/pak
  • Gali Būti Permed: Taip
  • Tekstūra: Vandens Banga

Sascha Koedel
My thrid order, I think. Great quality. Super colour. Made my own extensions out of these extensions and I have been wearing them for about three months now. Put the odd touch of shea butter on them now and again. The good thing is that they look more and more natural as time progresses. Will be back for more. Tip for anyone at the beginning, sprinkle talclum powder or dry shampoo over them to remove the shine so they look exactly like real hair. Very happy.
I got this faster than expected. In under 2 weeks to France. I thought it would take longer and have installed something else. I cannot talk about durability as I would not install it until Nov. It seems very soft to touch.