NIJIUDING 2020 m. Rudens Žiemos Megztinis su Gobtuvu Megzti Megztinis Moterų Streetwear Atsitiktinis Vilnos Laišką Nėrinių Laisvi Megztiniai Femme

Yra sandėlyje
€14.56 €26.96

Žymos: vilnos megztinis, pūkuotas megztinis, džemperis moterims, "chanel" megztinis, geometrinio modelio megztinis, ispanijos sporto pramogos, sporto pramogų šuolis lynai, cashmer džemperis moterims, korėjos laisvas megztinis, antklodė saugojimo sulankstomas krepšiai, megztinis.


  • Technics: Kompiuterio Megzti
  • Stilius: Atsitiktinis
  • Elemento Tipas: Puloveriai
  • Modelio Tipas: Laiškas
  • Rankovės Ilgis(cm): Pilnas
  • Apykaklės: Su gobtuvu
  • Kilmės: KN(Kilmės)
  • Drabužių Ilgis: Reguliariai
  • Medžiagos Sudėtis: mišinys
  • Storis: STANDARTAS
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: NIJIUDING
  • Sezonas: Pavasario/Rudens
  • Uždaryti Tipas: NĖRA
  • Medžiaga: Vilna
  • Amžius: Amžius 18-35 Metų
  • Apdaila: Nėriniai
  • Rankovės Stilius: Reguliariai

Dima14 92
There was a jacket for a month and a half in Kazakhstan, in general, it's normal. Very soft m pleasant to the body, I liked the quality. The area where the letters are made double viscous, this place is heavy, the rest of the sweater in one layer, thin, but does not shine through. Birok on the composition is not, the thread is quite a lot, but it's not a problem. For this price, the jacket is not bad, I liked it. On my height 164 length is visible in the photo, take more, as people advise in the reviews. At 46 size this is free and wide, but not very long, just right. In the hood is a black knitted lace.
Girls! He's incredible! Soft, very pleasant to the body, it looks just class! Suitable for high, for my 52 size height 164 cm selexcellent. The quality is excellent for buying of course, I recommend!! Thank you to the seller for the quality goods!!!
The main color is Milky. In the middle of the sweater and sleeves is a letter print. Hooded sweater. But it is more for beauty. The hood is not large, it is stretched on the head with difficulty. The knitting is dense. The knitwear is soft, pleasant tactile. Not pricked. On the product page it is indicated that in the composition of wool/cotton. Whether or not to say so. There was no Biroc with the composition. But I think the composition is mixed with polyester. On the parameters 100/86 cm ordered XL. You can wear it, but to sit free it was necessary to take a larger size. On the height of 168 cm sleeves are short.